Wednesday, April 15, 2009


K so me and Danie are pretty much brilliant... We love pulling pranks and such and this was our latest, well not quiet our latest, cause we just got done pulling one... taking all of our roommates bras and putting them in their own suitcase in their room :) Anyway, so we all go and eat dinner at the caf on Tuesday nights before our Silversmith class - Me, Danie, Becca, and Lindsay. So we are eating and I totally forgot to get mayo and mustard for my sandwich so before Becca and Lindsay are there, Danie goes up to get me some and I am watching her come back and she's totally fidgeting with the mustard and mayos in her hands and so immediately I knew something was up and when she handed me my mayo and "mustard" packets I looked and noticed it wasn't so much mustard as it was a package of lemon juice haha. So I kept it and when Becca and Lindsay got there, Becca had a roll... Well to back things up a bit, me and Danie had been fighting constantly for about an hour, just about dumb things, and so Danie says "I'll stop hating you if you put that on Becca's roll" and me, not wanting contention anymore agreed!! So Becca is sitting next to me and Danie is across from me and so I tell Danie to distract Becca so I can do this deed. Well to distract her, Danie just starts talking to her and asking her all these questions... ya, I know, not the brightest since it just makes Becca face me. So I tell Danie to tell Becca to go get something, so Becca gets up to get Danie some Miracle Whip ya, ironic huh? Anyway, while she was gone I put the lemon juice on her roll, and she came back and took a bite and thought it was disgusting and she thought it was the butter that had expired or something, I don't know really, but it was pretty dang funny. None of us could keep a straight face, except Becca that is.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Suzie :)

So I pretty much have the coolest roommate on the face of the planet. Umm except sometimes she's mean on facebook. Haha but it's all good cause i would probably do the same thing to her. Ya, but really we do some pretty amazing things... like there was this one day last year that we got extrememly bored. It was probably around the end of January or the beginning of February and we wanted a puppy to play with. So we went to the animal shelter and bought a dog. She was the cutest thing ever!! She was a lab, either black or chocolate, it depended on the day, but she had the cutest face a dog could have. The only problem with that was we lived in a no-pets apartment... But we loved her so much that we named her Suzie and kept her in our apartment anyway. It was very exciting for the first few weeks trying to potty-train her. She would poo all over the place and it was DISGUSTING!!! But it only took us a few weeks to get her trained. After that, the problem was keeping her hid from the manager. Man that was exciting trying to get her to go to the bathroom outside without anyone seeing. There was this one day that we got home from Institute and she had to go, so sometimes we would just let her outside without a leash cause it was freezing outside with snow still on the ground and so we just let her outside without her leash and then our manager pulled up and just sat in her car watching Suzie, and me and Danie were freaking out, but Suzie, that good dog, just ran around and didn't ever come back to our door, so I called Ryan and had him come and pick up our dog so our manager wouldn't ever know she was ours. We then spent the afternoon at the park cause we were scared to go back in case our manager was still there. I think one time Danie might have put her in a dufflebag or something to get her out of the house, or into the house, but I could be mixing up my stories... Maybe that was Becky with one of her cats, or it could have been both. Anyway, Suzie is pretty much the coolest dog on the planet. Sorry Katie, I said it, Suzie is the coolest dog.